What A Balancing Damper Does In Your Climate Control System

Balancing dampers are composed of butterfly dampers enclosed into a sleeve metal. Ducting systems have a balancing damper located in each branch. It enables people to control and change the flow of air by simply adjusting the damper position. Dampers are made of metal blades that can slice and trap the supply air based on the demand of the area. And it can also fully open its wings to freely the cooling air coming from the HVAC system.

Importance of Balancing Dampers

Do you find yourself uncomfortable because of the unwanted temperature in your home? Then you must check the dampers of your air conditioner. Most of the people will simply close the vents of the unit to trap the cooling air when it is too cold and they will fully open it when they feel it is hot. But what if the room temperature continues changing because it gets affected by various factors? Then balancing dampers can help you to solve the issue.

A balancing damper is a mechanical mechanism inside the ducting system that can close and open the duct. From the name itself, its main role is to balance the supply of air throughout the system. Adjusting dampers are simple, it’s just like pulling the lever in an up and down direction. Adjusting the angle of dampers will let you control the flow and direction of the supply air. Balancing dampers can usually find near the central unit.

Air balancing can give different benefits like good air circulation, energy-efficient, and enhancing the overall performance of the system. A duct damper or a volume balancing damper is a movable metal plate that can regulate the flow of air and can change its direction. Dampers can be used for different purposes and it has various means like manual, automatic, and mechanical approaches. If you are looking for the best damper, you can check the butterfly flat disk balancing damper. It is popular for having great efficiency without requiring high-maintenance. It can stop the air passage in an instant.

How Can You Adjust A Damper?

People who are not familiar with the infrastructure details of their establishment must look for a blueprint or a mechanical plan. It is like a detailed map that will tell you every single detail of the infrastructure. It helps you to determine the location of the HVAC central unit as well as the dampers. This will help you to get access to the dampers easily.