About Us

As a premier Oklahoma-based HVAC company, HVAC Trading Center offers a wide range of air conditioning and heating services to residential customers throughout Oklahoma, including A/C and furnace repair, replacement and installation. We are well renowned for selling and trading HVAC parts and equipment at very low prices, some of these products have been re-conditioned to be as good as new, providing you an inexpensive solution for your HVAC needs.

Our mission is to provide the most reliable HVAC services in the area by helping keep you cool during the sweltering summer heat and snug during cold winter nights. We guarantee our customers top-notch service in a timely fashion. While that may seem like a simple creed, it’s not very common in the industry.

We provide unrivaled HVAC service and support. We also install top-of-the line air conditioning, heating and air quality products. Whether you need to replace an outdated piece of equipment or start from scratch by designing the whole HVAC system for new building construction, we can help you find the best system to meet your needs.

With HVAC Trading Center, you get a reliable, trusted company with great customer service whose main concern is helping you solve all of your heating and cooling problems.

With our full-line service company, you can be assured that your needs will be met with prompt and professional service. We strive to offer the best in service, repair and installation of all major HVAC systems, heating equipment and accessories for residential applications.