Do Cars Have An HVAC System?

Heating and cooling system in cars work the same way as your HVAC system at home. The main difference is that it is much more compressed and smaller to be installed in a car. Imagine having no means to cool or heat the car while driving to a destination – that would be very miserable and very uncomfortable. With an HVAC system in car, driving to a location is not a problem.

How does it work?

Compared to houses, the heating and cooling system in a car differs in a sense that the car also needs to get its vehicle temperature control in check at the same as its engine. Houses are in need of a system that cools and heats the whole space in a house, car makers should consider how to cool and heat the car and its vehicle inside.

Car heaters work the same way as any ventilation and heating units.

  • Hot engine coolant passes around a small radiator also known as the heater core. There is a fan situated in front of the heater core to blow cold air over its fins.
  • As this air travels over the radiator, it is blown out of the heater vents as heated air.
  • The air conditioning system also works that way but the refrigerant is rapidly compressed in the compressor and turns into a hot gas.
  • The condenser of the system helps in the condensation process cooling the hot gas into its liquid state where it travels into an expansion valve.
  • The Freon goes through the expansion valve where it quickly turns into a low-pressure gas and cools fast in the evaporator. 
  • The cooled air is blown out of the vents and that is what cools the vehicle.

Car HVAC maintenance

When it comes to maintaining the vehicle temperature control is to hire a professional HVAC contractor. In situations where the radiator clogs with sludge, a certified repairperson can do the complex task of removing and cleaning the blockage out without putting other engine parts into compromise. If you have an idea on how to fix the cooling system, it might save you a lot of time and money. Professional HVAC repairperson has undergone a lot of training and certification in order to do their tasks properly. If the cooling system is just under the panel or the dashboard, it can be very complicated even for a seasoned person who has not undergone proper training so a HVAC contractor is the best person to call to.